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Squad offers free weekend of 40v40 tactical action

Round up the squad

You know what might relax you this weekend? Serious warfare. Squad, the early access FPS offering 40v40 tactical action with vehicles and all, is currently holding a free trial weekend on Steam. All and sundry are invited. If you played -- and miss -- the Battlefield 2 mod Project Reality, hey, most of Squad's squad worked on that. Round up the gang and tell them to be polite, because they're being invited into someone else's community.

So! Squad is a tactical FPS all about combined arms -- fellas plus vehicles -- romping around in modes ranging from capturing control points to destroying targets. Oh, and squad leaders can build little bases too. While the plan is for the full game to be 50v50, I believe it's limited to 80 players right now. 80 still seems a big number. Here's a peek at an alpha build from earlier this year:

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The free weekend will end on Sunday at 9pm.

Squad's makers have compiled a few tips to help new players into the action.

The freekend might not give you the best impression of Squad. When a game relies on players being thoughtful and communicating well, an influx of newbies will somewhat diminish the experience. But if you play and and like the feel of it, think you have a sense for how it might be on regular days, and fancy keeping it, Squad is on sale this weekend too.

A 50% discount brings Squad down to £15/£20/$20 until Monday. I'm not sure when it's currently expected to launch in full (2017 was the last I heard, which seems unlikely now) but developers Offworld Industries are certainly still busy with it.

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