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Star Trek: The Game Of The Gap Between The Two Films

The ostentatiously-named Star Trek (in fact the fifty-third Star Trek computer game) isn't due until early next year, despite trailers having been appearing since 2011. But trailers still they a-come, and Gamescom has revealed yet another. It's an action-packed frenzy of Kirk-and-Spock shootyfighting, and far too few bleepy-bloopy computer noises for my liking. There are also ninety-six billion new screenshots, which you can see below.

It looks pretty decent, really.

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Perhaps it's a bold move to give the game the same near-anonymous name as the film that was released in 2009, four years before the game comes out... wait, no, no it's a very silly idea. Someone give this poor thing a subtitle before it vanishes into obscurity before it's even released. "Hang on, I'll just Google 'star trek'..."

Impressively they're already describing it as "award winning" in their press release, which is no mean feat for something no one's played through. It also says it "casts players for the first time ever as Kirk and Spock", but I'm pretty sure I played as them in Star Trek: 25th Anniversary and Star Trek: Judgement Rites.

The game will be voiced by the cast from the film, and that's no small range of celebs, but has its own story from God Of War writer Marianne Krawczyk following on from the plot of the movie. And of course it's primarily co-op, which is definitely a big bold move. Take a look at it in static form, and click on them to make them grow before your very eyes.

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