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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 revives Battlefield 2142's best mode next week

Have fun storming the space castle!

Dice and EA have given a name and official rule-set to Star Wars: Battlefront 2's upcoming new mode. Capital Supremacy is due to roll out as a free update next Tuesday, March 26th and looks similar to the excellent Titan mode from the defunct Battlefield 2142. Large teams of mixed humans and bots work to hold points around a planetary battlefield. After holding territory long enough, a team can call in transports and ride them to the enemy capital ship where the attackers try to destroy it from within. While not exactly the same as Titan, it sounds similar enough to be exciting.

Capital Supremacy mode will be bigger and messier than even Galactic Assault, thanks to the inclusion of twelve extra NPC troops per side, on top of the twenty players. That adds up to 64 troops buzzing around at all times, reminiscent of the old Battlefront games that didn't have a colon in the title, and making hero units feel more at home. Once players board a capital ship, the AI units are left behind, reducing it to 20 v 20. If the defenders are successful, then the battle returns to the planet's surface and repeats until one side can successfully board and sink their rival's ship.

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It seems a little more structured than 2142's Titan mode, no longer allowing individual players to launch daring guerrilla assaults on the enemy ship. Once a ship assault phase begins, both teams move fully to space, but the attackers only have a limited number of lives before being returned to the surface. The increased scale of the ground battle sounds exciting, and the addition of AI grunts means that less skilled players should still be able to earn themselves a chance to play as a hero unit or call in a big vehicle from time to time, too, similar to Titanfall.

At launch, Capital Supremacy will be set exclusively on one map - an all-new battlefield on Geonosis, during the Clone Wars era. Similar in look, but of very different layout to the one used in Galactic Assault mode. Hopefully the new mode catches on and Dice continue to expand it to other maps. Dice have been keeping Battlefront 2 kicking with a steady stream of updates, including patching in Battlefield 5's squad-spawn system recently and expanding the Clone Wars side of the game. Given the scale of this new mode, I hope it's a sign they're not done with BF2 yet.

The new mode launches on March 26th, and you can read the official announcement here. Battlefront 2 (now free of loot boxes and with no season pass to worry about) is currently just £6.24/€7.49/$10 on Origin right now.

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