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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (the old one) online multi returns

Would you like to know more?

Online multiplayer has officially returned to Star Wars: Battlefront II with the launch of a new update ripping out the Battlefield-y shooter's dead GameSpy techguts. The update is now live for Steam and GOG versions of Battlefront II -- no, EA don't seem to have released a patch for the CD version -- and the pair do support multiplayer between each other, as you would hope. Though it does all seem a bit bugged right now.

Wait. Were you thinking of the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront II? No, this is obviously 2005's Star Wars: Battlefront II. I can't believe you've made such a foolish and flagrant syntaxical slip-up. Did you not see the colon? You should feel ashamed of yourself.

Star Wars Colon Battlefront II's online multiplayer originally ran through GameSpy. When GameSpy's multiplayer services shut down in 2014, online multiplayer officially died. It didn't die properly because players could still play with third-party tools like GameRanger and GameMaster, but that's an extra hurdle.

Steam and GOG announcements last night announced the return of official multiplayer support, and cross-play between the Steam and GOG Galaxy versions. And many comments responding to those announcements say that trying to play often online results in error messages or crashes. Whoops.

Looks like this Next Generation of multiplayer has been Deep-Spaced. Presumably the devs are trying to Discovery the cause and will have a fix coming, because it'd be a bit silly and embarrassing if not.

GOG are currently running two loads of Star Wars sales right now, if you fancy boldly going. Colon Battlefront II is down to £3.19.

Star Wars Nocolon Battlefront II is due on November 17th.

P.S. I mixed up Colon and Nocolon several times while writing this. Great naming scheme, video games.

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