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Be a baddie in Star Wars Battlefront 2

Star Wars! Nothing but Star Wars! Everywhere Star Wars! Sure, it's okay

After a long stretch of mumbling and leaking, EA have formally announced Star Wars Battlefront II [official site] for a November 17th launch. The boldly-going shooter's big addition is a singleplayer campaign, and a new trailer reveals that it focuses on a baddie whose story winds through thirty years of Star Wars history. She and her merry band of elite spacefascists have been in the cracks of the big stories, and we'll get to see her meeting big-name characters and whatnot while blasting zapguns. Here, check out the trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

The official word from EA on that singleplayer campaign is:

"Forge a new path as Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad—an Imperial special forces unit equally lethal on the ground and in space. Encounter many of Star Wars' greatest characters in a story of revenge, betrayal, and redemption that spans 30 years."

So she'll eventually become a goodie, yeah?

It'll have multiplayer too, obvs. It'll trip across places, characters and vehicles from the original trilogy, The Next Generation, and Enterprise for up to 40 players. Also in from the start this time (rather than added in DLC) are space battles, for up to 24 spacemen. Oddly, split-screen co-op is still only for consoles.

Star Wars Battlefront II is coming on November 17th, priced at £54.99.

As Mashable report, EA's plans for DLC and season passes and whatnot are unclear. "We don't have a season pass," creative director Bernd Diemer told Mashable, going on to say other things including "For this type of game, season passes are not the best thing" and "We don't want to segment our community." That would suggest EA are stepping back from their traditional DLC-o-rama, though EA's PR peeps followed up with a statement muddying the waters and saying they can't confirm anything. What mysteries! EA dropped DLCblasts for Titanfall 2, at least, with new maps and modes coming free. Battlefield 1 is experimenting with letting non-DLCers join in if their mates have paid up too. Maybe EA really are winding this nonsense down. Or maybe they're not. They're not saying just yet.

Oh, and be careful you don't confuse 2017's Star Wars Battlefront II with 2005's Star Wars: Battlefront II. What a fool you would look! EA, you still have time to change this. Star 2 Wars: Frontbattle. 2tar War2: Battlefront. Warfront: Battlestars.

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