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Star Wars Battlefront 2 open beta extended two days

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The free open beta test for Star Wars Battlefront 2 [official site] was supposed to end last night but Electronic Arts have decided to continue its mission to explore strange new modes, to seek our new players and new impressions, to boldly go where all those movies and books and comics and toys and cartoons and t-shirts and waffle irons and popcorn makers have gone before. The open beta will run for another two days and now end on Wednesday. You might fancy a go, as young Matthew Cox declared that "while Battlefront 2 surpasses the audio visual spectacle that was the only exceptional feature of the first entry in the series, it's also a deeper and more interesting game."

The open beta includes four modes and four levels, covering everything from spaceship battles in urban infantry action. It's focused on multiplayer, not including any of the game's singleplayer game, but does include a bit of the Arcade mode which is played solo.

I downloaded the open beta but didn't get round to playing over the weekend, so I appreciate the extension. I mostly want to see some nice explosions and hear good lasers then I'll be happy, though Matthew will tell you it is fun to play too:

"Star Wars Battlefront 2 has gone from a game I had next to no interest in to one that I'm excited to play more of. With more satisfying gunplay and a class system that provides some much needed variety, it's miles ahead of the disappointing first game. If the maps in the full game avoid the clumsy corridor brawls that undermine sections of the beta, it'll be one of this year's best multiplayer shooters."

You can download the open beta through Origin. The beta will end on Wednesday then the full game will launch on November 17th.

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