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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rolling To Pinball FX2

Pling those spaceballs!

That there Star Wars: The Force Awakens was fun, wasn't it? No, I shan't spoil anything - though Adam, Alec, and Pip chatted about it if you want to know what Team RPS think. Me, I liked the bits where the robots and carpetman all made funny noises. I laughed every time. They really good! If your feelings for Star Wars run deeper, if you consider yourself a Warrer (or even a Warrie, bless your heart), you may be pleased to hear you'll soon get to play with spaceballs. Two Force Awakens DLC tables are coming to Pinball FX2 [official site] next week, see.

As developers Zen Studios explain on their blog, one table will see Rey and chums travelling around fighting the First Order, while the other has Kylo Ren and pals crushing their enemies, seeing them driven before them, and hearing the lamentations of their women. Like the earlier Star Wars tables, these have all sorts of scenes and sounds and things from the movie.

The tables are due around the 12th. Two-table packs usually cost £3.99. Here, have a peek in this trailer:

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Here's a little-known Star Wars fact for you: when composer John Williams returned for the prequels, disillusioned with the whole thing, he wrote new lyrics for that famous main theme. Here's how the chorus should go, sung by a seventy-strong choir:

Star Wars!
Nothing but Star Wars!
Everywhere, Star Wars!
Look, it's okay

George Lucas caught this shortly the final cut, and chased Williams off Skywalker Ranch waving a newspaper, but seventeen cinemas in Idaho somehow ended up with this version of The Phantom Menace. Sixteen copies are known to have been literally eaten by George Lucas, but rumours persist about that final reel...

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