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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's first patch targets slow loading

Patch the Force

The first patch for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order after its launch on Friday arrived last night and it's not a huge one but it is handy. Probably most notable is a fix for a problem that was making the game run and load slowly for some, though a fix for bug that made dynamic resolution settings not stick will be welcome for folks who use that. Though perhaps it's a fool who trusts that a seemingly harmless Star Wars update hasn't covertly rewritten plot points. For all I know, young Cal might now sometimes say "maclunkey" before zapstabbing.

Your patch notes:

  • We've fixed a texture flickering issue that would display on the screen while driving the AT-AT on Kashyyyk.
  • Sometimes the input from the arrow keys would fail to respond within menus, this has now been fixed.
  • Dynamic resolution settings will now save properly.
  • Fixed an issued where the game could become slow and loading times longer than expected.

Our former spaceboy Brendy (RPS in peace) has blasted off to review Fallen Order, and I hear will tell us wot he thinks tomorrow today right here in his Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order review. I assume he's been waylaid giggling at a silly robot or cute animal making funny noises. But hey, for now, folks who have already got the game might find our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order guide helpful.

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