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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order's new update adds NG+ and challenge mode for veterans

The bestest of the Kestis

May the 4th is not yet over so there's still some Star Wars Day 4th to be with you. EA have announced and released a free update to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that focuses on the veteran force users among us. The new update brings a new game plus mode for those that have finished the campaign and special NG+ challenge mode for fighting against waves of enemies.

EA say that New Game+ was a common request and they believe they've landed on the proper balance of what to carry over to a second playthrough and what to reset. They say "you'll also keep all of their collectibles from a previous playthrough while abilities will have to be relearned. This includes lightsaber parts, kyber crystal colors, and other aesthetic items. And yes, that means you get to keep every poncho." In NG+ you'll also be able to unlock Cal's Inquisitor Uniform and some new lightsaber hilts to match.

Once you've unlocked NG+, you'll have access to the new Meditation Training mode which sounds like quite a big new add for the game. The first half, Combat Challenges, are for fighting waves of baddies against various backdrops a bit like a horde mode. "What makes these challenges especially unique is that they’ve all been designed for veteran players," EA say. "They’re designed to be tackled when Cal is at his strongest and most experienced towards the end of the game, so be wary if you decide to take on challenges early in a playthrough."

The second bit is the Battle Grid, which lets you design your own encounters by choosing enemies and a setting before fighting through a gauntlet of your own making. You'll also be able to set the difficulty level for Battle Grid setups.

EA also detail some accessibility additions they've made including the option to skip button-mashing quick time events, removing the need to hold a button to climb or interact, and text scaling options.

This new update is live today for Fallen Order. You can find the full release notes for the update in EA's post.

In related news, Fallen Order and lots of other games are part of multiple Star Wars Day sales.

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