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StarCraft II: Legacy Of The Void Is Live

Our review's coming this week

It seems daft to launch two of the year's biggest games on the same day, yet here we are. Alec is telling us all about Fallout 4 (check out Wot He Thinks and his fashion show, and who knows what's next?) but what about StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void [official site]? Well, Blizzard's subtrilogy-capping real-time strategy game is indeed out today too, but our thoughts won't be coming until later this week. You wouldn't believe the traffic in hyperspace on a Tuesday morning, I tell you.

Legacy of the Void, then, is the third part of StarCraft II, focused on those dour Protoss. They're reuniting to reclaim their homeworld and save the galaxy and all that in its campaign. Along with new missions and units and all that, LotV brings new co-op missions, an 'Archon Mode' where two players control the same base and units, automated tournaments, and other new bits.

It's now been eight years since SC2 was officially announced, and five since it started with Wings of Liberty. While the Zerg-y second part, Heart of the Swarm, was an expansion, Legacy of the Void is playable standalone - no need to buy the lot to jump on this one. Beyond LotV, Blizzard are planning a mission pack starring the Ghost superspy Nova.

StarCraft II is one of those funny games where folks who are primarily interested in the singleplayer side are likely to wait for reviews, while multiplayer SC2 folks are likely to leap on it because, hey, it's the newest SC2. We'll tell you Wot We Think later this week, so I'm told, but for now, say, did any of our dear readers stay up late playing it and perhaps fancy sharing a few initial thoughts?

Here's the opening cinematic (first shown in September):

Cover image for YouTube video

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