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Stardew Valley multiplayer could 'be ready in about a month'

Fingers crossed

The long-awaited cooperative multiplayer mode is still on course to hit Stardew Valley soon, going by what creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone has tapped out on the tweetosphere. Following February's word that it was entering testing, Barone last night offered the update: "still making good progress on fixing bugs, if all goes well it should be ready in about a month" on PC. Good, good. The plan had been to enter beta testing in spring and hell, I'm not sure we've even left winter yet.

Stardew Valley's multiplayer will let up to three of your pals work on your farm as farmhands, getting their own cottage. As well as working, they'll get to join in events and adventures, marry NPCs, and marry yooouuu. The main player will have more authority but, by and large, co-op players will get to join in most of the farmfun.

While publishers Chucklefish are in charge of adding multiplayer, Barone is working on new bits of his own. Update 1.3 will also include a new winter town event, new NPC events, respeccing, craftable signs, and hats for horses.

Very important.

Don't hold Barone to that "month" estimate, mind. Adding a feature like multiplayer can throw up unforeseen problems, and this was just a casual tweet rather than a big formal announcement. Get... cautiously excited?

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