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Stardew Valley will let you change professions

No such thing as a job for life

Ah, life on the farm. Working with your hands in the slurry, watching the pigs wallow in the antibiotics, drinking a shot of warm, unpasteurised milk straight from the teat. What simple pleasures farming sim Stardew Valley affords us. Perhaps a few more, says developer ConcernedApe aka Eric Barone. He recently tweeted some upcoming changes, including new town events and the ability to change professions later in the game.

These changes are more of a tease than fleshed-out description, but here's what he said.

some things I've added for the new content update:
*new "town event" in winter
*new type of collection that you can start in your first winter
*Signs (can display any item on them)
*More outdoor decorations (some change w/ season)
*More NPC "events"
*A way to re-spec professions

New events are probably welcome to veteran Stardewers, but the chance to change your profession is also likely to impress in a low-key way. Normally, you’re told to pick a job type when your character’s skills reach certain levels. For example, when your farming skill reaches level 10 you might choose to be a shepherd or a master of chickens, each of which has their own bonus. A “re-spec” means you’ll be able to undo some of these decisions and choose new professions. But exactly what’s needed to carry out this career change, Barone doesn’t reveal.

We’re still waiting on a co-op multiplayer mode that lets you become a farmhand on your friends’ ranch, living in a shack next to their big house, like some sort of serf. That’s planned for some time next year. Barone has also spoken about cloudy, unformed plans for his next game, which will be set in the same world as Stardew Valley. We can only hope it as wholesome and fulfilling an escape from this realm of machine and rot.

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