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How to get Digipicks in Starfield

If you're looking for Digipicks in Starfield, you'll want to lock down these sources

A Starfield character walks into unknown territory.
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How do you get Digipicks in Starfield? In Starfield, Digipicks are lockpicks that will allow you access to otherwise inaccessible rooms and items. It's often necessary to pick locks in Starfield to complete quests or obtain rare goods, so there's no shame in engaging in a little thievery when the oppprtunity strikes. However, since you never know when you're just one picked lock away from an awesome surprise, you'll want to have plenty of Digipicks on hand as you explore the Settled Systems.

Unfortunately, these useful kits are in limited supply and can be tough to find. That's why we've put together a guide on where to find Digipicks in Starfield. Read on to learn where you can get Digipicks and how to make the most of them once you have them.

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Where to get Digipicks in Starfield

There are three main ways to get more Digipicks in Starfield: Buying them from vendors, pickpocketing, or, like with any self-respecting RPG, looting for them.

If you opt to purchase Digipicks from a vendor, you can expect them to run you 35 Credits in most cases. Whenever you have access to these items at a vendor, you should stock up on them if you can because Digipicks don't have weight and won't eat away at your inventory space weight capacity. Early in the game, you'll find Jemison Mercantile selling them in the New Atlantis spaceport. Once you approach the character, you can find Digipicks under 'Misc' items.

Pickpocketing is another viable source of Digipicks. If you want the ability to pickpocket unsuspecting strangers, you'll need to select the Thief skill. However, keep in mind that pickpocketing is all fun and games until you get busted, and getting caught could put a bounty on your head. There are numerous potential pickpocket victims in the game, so choose your targets wisely and — of course — avoid getting caught.

Finally, there's the tried-and-true way of earning Digipicks or any other type of in-game goodies — good old-fashioned looting. Looting is a core tenet of most RPGs, so make sure to loot everything you can if you want to stock up on Digipicks and other essential items. You can find Digipicks in containers, lockers, or even out in the open on tables or desks. If you've recently killed someone or stumbled across a body, you can always see if you can find a Digipick on the corpse. But, whenever you do come across a Digipick, take note of whether the prompt text is red. Red typically means if someone sees you take it, it's considered contraband and may result in repercussions that could impact your playthrough.

That's everything you need to know to get Digipicks in Starfield. If you're just getting started with your playthrough, you won't want to miss our Starfield character creation guide, our take on the best skills on the Starfield skill tree, and our overview of all Starfield traits and how they work.

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