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Starfield's new beta update arrives next week and lets you smile in photo mode

Enters beta on Steam on March 6th

A character pulls a face in a new photo mode update for Starfield.
Image credit: Bethesda Softworks

Starfield's next update will arrive in beta on March 6th, bringing another suite of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes. Top of the list of tweaks is the ability to change player character and companion facial expressions during photo mode, like running your family snaps through FaceApp to create the illusion everyone had fun on their holiday to the Bonneville salt flats.

You could also make you and your companions frown, sneer or gurn, of course.

Other tweaks shared by Bethesda in a Xwitter thread include scanner improvements, so you can continue to use it while harvesting resources or opening doors, and a change so setting your ship's course to an inactive mission will now set that mission to active. The update also includes fixes to vanishing characters, the player turning their head left while sprinting, "among many others."

The updates released in beta for Starfield so far have typically remained there for a couple of weeks, depending on what kinds of extra bugs have been spotted while they're in testing.

Last month's beta update added support for AMD's FSR 3. All of these patches are part of Bethesda's plan to support their spacefaring RPG with new updates every six weeks or so.

Bigger updates are due to arrive in time, including new modes of travel, city maps, and eventually a paid DLC later this year.

I don't hate Starfield, I thought it was merely very boring, but the dissonance caused by its vast scale and pompous tone, against its shallow systems, story and world design, make it delightful to make fun of. I will not stop.

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