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StarGate Worlds

Yesterday saw The Sci-Fi Channel debut a trailer for StarGate Worlds, the MMO based on the popular sci-fi film spin-off series. It's an odd one, I have to admit. StarGate was one of those films that had a fine explosion at the end, but achieved almost nothing else during its 121 minutes. The fact that the TV show incarnation has run so long and hard somewhat mystifies me. Still, it does make the perfect concept for an MMO: the StarGate is so close to being that swirly portal of instancing that we already seen in MMOs every time we're teleported into a dungeon or private netherworld. Not only that but the StarGate fiction is an evolved fiction of contemporary soldiery and sci-fi absurdities, providing the developers with plenty of fodder for their characters, classes and quests. And there will be characters, classes and quests because we have heard little from developers Cheyenne Mountain to suggest that StarGate Worlds will deviate too far from the Everquest template.

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Thanks, Game Trailers!

If you want to follow the development of this MMO a little more closely then the blog and official forums are ripe with info-fruit.

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