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SteamWorld Quest hisses onto PC


Image & Form's ever-changing SteamWorld series continues today with SteamWorld Quest: The Hand Of Gilgamech, this time sending silly steambots on deck-building card battle RPG adventures. It launched on PC this morning following an April debut on Nintendo Switch and, our Katharine said in her SteamWorld Quest review, is another good'un. She said it's gentle and inviting as deck-building battlers go, and has a regular story campaign unlike the usual random roguelikelikes of the genre.

There we are, a merry party of steam-powered robots, out for adventure. "Adventure," of course, means "treasure we accept we may have fight to receive." This plays out in turn-based battles played with cards representing abilities, and off we go getting new cards for our party's various bots, build our deck, level up, and bust baddies. It follows a written story campaign with a little freedom to explore for bonus goodies and it's all very pleasant and gentle.

"SteamWorld Quest isn't going to be the next Slay The Spire, and to be honest, die hard Spire-ites will probably find its one-and-done story a bit, well, restricting," Katharine said. "But for card novices (which I count myself one of), it's still a real charmer, no matter how sluggish it might get in those early hours. There's so much heart in Image & Form's games, and SteamWorld Quest is no exception. When it's firing on all cylinders, there's really something quite enchanting about this robo card battler, and the way each card fits together makes you feel like a wizard in return, as if you've glimpsed behind the magician's curtain and suddenly cracked their trick's inner workings."

To be clear: purchasing this game will not require you to look an actual magician.

SteamWorld Quest is out now on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A 15% launch discount brings it down to £19.11/€21.24/$21.24 until next Friday. Given that Image & Form have sold their other SteamWorld games through GOG, I imagine Quest will hit that DRM-free store soonish too. One images they find the idea of Steam debuts for SteamWorld games too funny to resist.

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