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Stop making "gamer-themed" scented candles and just admit you like nice smells, you nerds

Iced Hyrulian Forest, my arse

A Minecraft screenshot of the Candle crafting recipe.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Mojang

Readers with keen memories may remember that I recently self-described as being in my scented candle girlie era. I'm currently burning one called Starry Night, which is a nice fresh scent but it's nowhere near as strong as I would like. I can never find fresh scents that are as long-lingering as the fruity or woody ones. Anyway, I have been discussing my new interest (and interrupting work meetings with pretend candle unboxing videos where I tell them to like and subscribe and check out my collab with WickManiac) with the rest of the Treehouse, which prompted us to talk about the idea of gamer candles. They exist! They're just candles of lies.

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