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Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town will harvest a PC remake in July

Pitchforks poised to play

Once again, we likely have Stardew Valley to thank for taking the tough row to hoe by clearing fertile ground for farm and town simulators on PC. Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town—a remake of the Harvest Moon game from 2003 with the same subtitle—was first announced last summer for the Nintendo Switch. This summer, Xseed Games have announced that the remake is blooming on PC as well, ripe enough to harvest on July 14th.

"In this complete remake, veterans will be able to enjoy a return to a wonderful world with updated systems and character designs along with a completely new translation," say Xseed. "Newcomers to the series will discover the compelling farming gameplay and complex characters that made this series the standard in the genre."

FOMT has four protagonists to choose from, a gaggle of spouses to court, crops and animals to raise, and those adorably plump cows that I enjoy so much. Xseed say that PC players will have access to 4K resolution support and keyboard and mouse controls.

This will be the first Story Of Seasons game to launch on PC. FOMT has gotten a major face-lift in the remake. Softly shaded miniature characters are paired with watercolor-like 2D portraits. Frankly, it's a lot more charming than the face Harvest Moon showed up on PC with in Light Of Hope.

RPS didn't wind up reviewing the latter, though Katherine happens to mention in our list of games like Stardew Valley that "the only Harvest Moon game you can currently buy on PC is the rather average Harvest Moon: Light Of Hope, which just isn’t as satisfying to play as Back To Nature or Friends Of Mineral Town." Fortunate for us farm folks that's about to change.

You can find Story Of Seasons: Friends Of Mineral Town over on Steam where it will launch July 14th.

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