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Street Fighter V: Laura Gets Leaked, Zangief Gets Trailer 

How do you douken, Laura?

It appears Laura - a Brazlian jiu-jitsu-fighting, lightning wielding, half-finished braided hair-sporting brawler - is to be the next brand new addition to the Street Fighter V [official site] roster of characters. Although Japanese publication Famitsu posted and then pulled several images of Laura stepping-to with Ryu on Friday, NeoGaffers were quick to capture the action shots and thus allow me to deliver them to you right now. Oh, and Zangief's in and has a new trailer. Happy weekend.

At the moment, nothing else has been announced with regards to the elusive Laura, so please do have a gander at these marvelous screens of Ryu taking a pounding:

And Zangief is back! The brutish body-slamming barbarian is back in red Speedo-sporting spectacle, as revealed at the Russian gaming expo IgroMir. "My iron body is invincible," he cries in the trailer below. "SO BEWARE!":

Cover image for YouTube video

Beware indeed. Recently, beards like Zangief's were a bit ala mode. They were fashionable and cool and everyone who'd never had one before grew one and everyone who already had one (ahem, Graham) got a bit pissed off. [I didn't notice. --Beard Ed] I was one of those facial hair wannabe hipster opportunists. I cut my hair like Zangief. I looked like this:

But, regardless of the resemblance, I couldn't power bomb to save myself. Nor could I perform the Russian's new skills: V-Skill: Iron Muscle and V-Trigger: Cyclone Lariat. Iron Muscle lets the big man absorb an attack before grabbing opponents once close by, in something which looks similar to Street Fighter IV's focus attack function. Cyclone Lariat allows 'Gief to spin his entire body which pulls his foes towards him. As he spins faster, he lands multiple hits. Zangief Wins.

Street Fighter V is due in 2016.

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