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Street Fighter V Removes Buggy New Anti-Crack Tech

Ta ta!

Capcom have removed the mysterious "anti-crack solution" they added to Street Fighter V [official site] in this week's update. We knew the September update would add Urien, the Illuminati VP returning from earlier games, and he's quite welcome. What was more of a surprise is the anti-crack tech that left some unable to play, triggered anti-virus and Windows warnings, and was generally unpleasant. That's no good. But hey, at least they did remove it fairly swiftly.

The doodad was announced on Thursday shortly before the update rolled out. Capcom called it "an updated anti-crack solution (note: not DRM) that prevents certain users from hacking the executable."

They continued, "The solution also prevents memory address hack that are commonly used for cheating and illicitly obtaining in-game currency and other entitlements that haven't been purchased yet."

Well! Even setting aside how you may feel about games rummaging in your operating system's guts, it was wonked. It triggered anti-virus software for some, popped up annoying Windows security notices, made some folks' computers crash... not good! After a bit of investigating and dithering, Capcom removed it last night.

"The rollback to the PC version of SFV prior to the security measure update is now live," Capcom announced overnight. "The new September content is included."

Which means I can end this post on a sunny note, explaining how to make Urien fight wearing his pants once more and cooing at the new stage KOs:

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