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Bif! Street Fighter V Adds Illuminati VP Urien This Month

VP of the Illuminati

We're almost at the end of the content roadmap Capcom laid out for the first season of Street Fighter V [official site] updates. Since February they've added newbits including a story mode and five new characters, and a sixth is the last to come this season. This month's new pugilist will be Urien, who I'm told bears the job title 'Vice President of Illuminati'. The Illuminati must be far smaller than I'd thought if even the VP does hands-on field work - or maybe this is recreational? Anyway, check out his moves:

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No, Urien does not fight in his pants this time. That suit definitely isn't proper PE kit either so I assume his Illuminatmum wrote him a note. Capcom say about this fella:

"Urien returns to Street Fighter V, donning a pinstriped suit and is often seen with a sinister smile when he hits opponents with his powerful limbs and violent combos. He uses his slow moving projectiles to pressure opponents and get them to do his bidding. A master of manipulating ki, his signature Aegis Reflector, one of the 66 Illuminati secret arts, is back and allows him to control the pace of the match."

Urien has appeared in Street Fighter V's story before, which also means modders have fiddled around to play with him whenever they please, but this'll put him out there properly for everyone. Capcom haven't said exactly when Urien will arrive, as they're saving the September update's release date announcement for the Tokyo Game Show next week. Other newbits are due in that update too.

Remember that Capcom's plan for SFV is to keep updating one single version for free, rather than their usual trick of selling Super and Mega and Turbobiff and Championship and and Nosegnawing and Dogbursting Editions. This may be the end of season 1 but presumably another will follow. How've you found it? What more would you have wanted?

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