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PRAWNS Arrive In Subnautica, Bring Grappling Hooks


I go away for two days and PRAWNS! arrive in Subnautica [official site]. I'm not actually talking crustaceans here, but a special suit with that acronym which arrived in the PRAWN update (Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano Suit). It has a claw arm and you can add a whole bunch more useful nonsense as well. This is my kind of augmentation tech. Deus Ex: Fishkind Explored.

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The PRAWN update is very much focused around the suit which you can climb into and use to access areas in new ways, collect resources and biff threatening sea-jerks.

As with the submarines there's a modular upgrade system. Everyone gets a starter claw arm. You can then add a mining drill, a grappling hook (!!!!!!!) a torpedo launcher and a propulsion cannon. Peering at the site, I think these are different arms that you can install or swap in and out, and then there are four separate suit upgrade slots so you can do things like add storage capacity and pressure compensations (or some PRAWN-specific stuff like a jump jet upgrade).

The update also expands the explorable sections of the crashed starship you arrived on, as well as some new story bits, creatures and tech. Also a sprint button.


I feel like I'm waiting for one or two more updates before I go back to Subnautica. I've spent 64 hours on the game so far, but then stepped away so that the Early Access process could tick along a little. I decided I'd come back when there had been significant enough changes that it felt like I'd be exploring all over again. The PRAWN suit is seriously testing that resolve.

Subnautica is £14.99 over on Steam but EARLY ACCESS SO CAVEATS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Also I just saw there's a Subnautica shop and I need someone to sit on my credit card.

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