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Subnautica update sounds the fire alarm

Silent Running

Ooooh! A Subnautica [official site] update! This one is called Silent Running and yet the trailer is VERY LOUD. I think the silent bit only applies to the Cyclops (a big underwater craft) which you can now run silently if you want to sneak around. Sneaking is now important because of the underwater jerks trying to munch on your Cyclops. That sounded wrong. Let's move on and watch the video:

I don't really use my Cyclops at the moment. Sometimes I'll move it to a different biome to act as a mobile storage facility while I wander about in the nimbler Seamoth. I might need to change my approach now.

"This update features our biggest overhaul to the Cyclops yet. Included in the long list of changes is a new Silent Running mode. This mode changes interior lights to red, turns off all exterior lights and moves the vessel exceedingly slow. Useful if you find yourself navigating through dangerous creatures who, thanks to this update, are now interested in attacking your beloved Cyclops!"

I mean, it doesn't say they want to attack the Seamoth more than usual but given I have been attacked in the Seamoth by a whole bunch of things - I AM LOOKING AT YOU KELP FOREST STALKER JERKS - I'd assume this update is hostility all the way down.

To help combat the awfulness the Cyclops now has shields and terrain scanning and threat detection and "fire suppression" and "A new holographic status display of the Cyclops shows damaged areas and onboard fire locations." This is a concerning number of mentions of fire.

Oh oh oh! The UI overhaul looks nice, as do the final resource models for some of the collectable elements AND A CRABSQUID EGG WHICH I MUST IMMEDIATELY GO AND FIND.

New caves! Option for a fade thing that stops pop-in! Added choking sound for player in smoke! Added fire-fighting music for Cyclops...? Fixed sea dragon firebreath attack damage to Cyclops?? I... uh. Oh dear.

Update info plus full patch notes here. EARLY ACCESS WARNING YADDA YADDA YADDA.

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