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Suicide Squad devs say login and server issues are "not an easy nut to crack"

But are top priority to fix

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League has already had bug fixes and a balancing patch, which is good news for players able to hop into the live service hero-biffer. It's less good news for those players struggling to play at all due to login issues and server issues.

Rocksteady say addressing these is their top priority, although they ask for patience as the problems are "not an easy nut to crack."

"For our upcoming patches we are looking to address login issues & server issues. And while we might not be able to fix all of those issues right away, I want to assure everyone: This is the top priority for us," reads a developer update from February 16th (emphasis theirs). "It is, however, not an easy nut to crack because it’s not one single issue, it’s several smaller issues that are affecting some players in different ways. We can only ask that you remain patient and keep giving more information through Customer Support to help us address the issues."

The update also addresses the question of why Rocksteady applied other fixes and a balance patch first. In short: they're working on multiple things at the same time.

"Balancing changes can be done by our design teams, with little to no need for code support. Login issues and server issues are sadly not something a designer can fix. However, we don’t want to delay changes that can be implemented quickly and will improve parts of the game, so while we understand that you might wonder and be frustrated around priorities, keep in mind that we have different teams working on different issues in parallel," says the post.

The update also offers information on other coming balance changes, with most designed to make more items viable in the endgame, or to encourage players to mixup and experiment with their builds more. I'm sure the changes are sensible but they're endemic of a set of fundamental design decisions that make me never want to play Suicide Squad.

"There’s a really excellent single-player action game hiding somewhere deep inside Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, calling out for help from beneath a few metric tonnes of loot-addled drudgery," wrote Steve Hogarty in his Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League review. "The vast talent of Rocksteady peeps out just often enough to make it worthwhile for the genre’s fans, but the game’s extended development time has Suicide Squad chasing old trends, leaving it feeling cautious, unambitious and old-fashioned."

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