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Rocksteady gift early Suicide Squad players in-game cash to apologise for game finishing itself

Developers hard at work on early access bugs

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League released into early access for owners of the Deluxe preorder edition earlier this week, granting armchair supervillains prepared to shell out £100 or $100 a headstart on players buying the regular edition, which launches this Friday 2nd February. Or at least, that was the idea.

Like many an online-required live service game before, Suicide Squad's premium access release has been marred by technical bugs and glitches, the most severe of which saw players logging in to discover the main storyline already completed. I guess Rocksteady were serious about not wanting people to treat it like a "life commitment".

The developers have now offered Deluxe edition owners 2000 in-game LuthorCoins - worth $20 or £16, though I have yet to track down a source for this conversion - as compensation. If you're among them, it looks like you'll be told via the game's messaging system.

"We recognise that you've been patient with us during our initial launch server updates and we'd like to show our appreciation," reads an in-game message circulated by JayShockblast (thanks EG). What are LuthorCoins spent on? Skins and emotes and other cosmetics. For context, Suicide Squad's standard skins go for 1000 LuthorCoins while Deluxe and Legendary skin variants cost the full 2000.

As chronicled by the attentive Batmen of VGC, Rocksteady pulled Suicide Squad offline shortly after the early access build went live in New Zealand and Australia, after discovering the aforementioned 100% completion issue. I hope this isn't one of those games that adds spoilerific material to the front menu after you finish it. The developers also performed maintenance on Wednesday.

All this seems pretty standard for big budget live service launches, for me, but that doesn't make it acceptable, and it's good that Rocksteady are trying to make amends. If I'd splurged one hundred RealCoins on a game and it triumphantly finished itself, you'd best believe I'd want some extra-fancy King Shark trousers for my troubles.

The other on-going big discussion in the nascent Suicide Squad community concerns the stories of certain celebrity superheroes. I won't give anything away but there is particular aggro about the game's handling of Batman, which some DCheads feel is disrespectful to his late voice actor Kevin Conroy.

As for our Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League review - it's coming! The freelancer in question has been sent a Speed Force Gauntlet, but apparently it got lost in transit. If you spot any unnaturally fast DPD drivers, let us know.

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