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Super Meat Boy Forever jumps out this month

After six years

Everyone's favourite bleeding slab of meat will finally return this month, as Team Meat have announced a release date of December 23rd for Super Meat Boy Forever. A decade after the first game and six years after its initial announcement, it's almost time. The platformer sequel will have us once again leaping and sliding through all sorts of deathtraps, dying plenty but learning from it. You can see a few murderous situations in the new trailer below.

Super Meat Boy Forever is an auto-runner this time, though our heroes do have more tricks now (an actual attack!) and that doesn't mean it's less fast. Katharine spoke with co-creator Tommy Refenes last year:

"It's the same speed, so he's exactly as fast," Refenes said. "I took a lot of the physics from the first one and just made it so you were always running. That was actually pretty simple to do because the controls from the first one already had that tightness. I had everything there. The challenge has been exploiting that movement to a point where you're not just doing run-jump-die in every single level."

Super Meat Boy Forever is due to launch on the Epic Games Store on the 23rd of December, priced at £16. While Team Meat have delayed SMBF at short notice before, look, they've made a trailer and everything, surely this is it.

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