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The Weekspot podcast: some early Hitman 3 impressions

Ian's been on holiday

The tree is in the attic, there isn’t a scrap of chocolate left in the house, and those that took annual leave at the start of the year — the people we were all jealous of — are now back. 2021 is well and truly underway.

Well, sort of.

Big video game news is coming in drips and drabs, so Headlines and Hot Takes isn’t packed with massive stories or anything, but we do have a few things to talk about. Deus Ex lead designer Harvey Smith is working on a new game, so we discuss whether that could be a new Dishonored or something entirely different. Also, it may be nothing, but there’s a rumour floating around that Ubisoft Plus is coming to Xbox Game Pass. And we were obviously going to give that a mention.

In Show and Tell, Matthew comes with opinions on Hitman 3 after getting his hands on a preview build. He hasn’t been able to play the whole thing yet, but the first two levels have given him a hankering for more murderings. Meanwhile, Colm’s been playing Super Meat Boy Forever, and now he just wants Super Meat Boy 2.

Agent 47 is arguably the greatest bald protagonist in all of video games, but there are a few other slaphead protagonists out there. So, for this week’s Mystery Steam Reviews, we’re looking at games that have hairless, playable characters. And we round out the show by opening The Weekspot mailbag and answering your Burning Questions.

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