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Survive Lovecraftian Metroidvania The Last Case Of Benedict Fox with help from your inner demon

Take a trip to Limbo next spring

Gothic puzzle platformer The Last Case Of Benedict Fox was announced at today’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, but it’s bringing a demon along for the ride. Set in Boston, Massachusetts in 1925, The Last Case Of Benedict Fox follows, you guessed it, self-appointed detective Benedict Fox as he searches through a dodgy mansion. Watch the suitably moody trailer below.

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Last Case of Benedict Fox - Reveal Trailer
With a name like The Last Case Of Benedict Fox, it doesn't sound like the start of a long career.

It’s not just Benedict who’s rummaging around inside somebody else’s house though – there’s a demon doing the same inside him that he’ll have to contend with. Publisher Rogue Games – also handling Game Grumps’ recently revealed survival horror Homebody – promise there’s an “intimate and disturbing story” revolving around the mansion’s former residents and their missing child. That story and the demon inside Benedict will drag him into Limbo, which is the realm inside dead people.

It’s a Metroidvania so there’ll be platforming around the mansion and Limbo, with occult folk and demons to fend off as you go. There’s a “freeform combat system”, apparently. Benedict can thwack baddies with objects and weapons that he finds laying around, using some aspects of his surroundings to help him. He’ll need everything he can get too, judging by the frankly massive tentacled beasts chasing him in the trailer.

The Last Case Of Benedict Fox will be out on Steam and the Epic Game Store sometime in spring 2023. It'll be on Xbox consoles and Game Pass too. I didn’t realise you could appoint yourself as a detective otherwise I would’ve started wearing a deerstalker hat ages ago.

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