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Swap your blood for a League Of Legends skin

Sanguine scheme

There are plenty of cosmetics in League of Legends, but only one that you literally can quite literally pay for in blood. Partnering with Dutch organisation Sanquin, Riot Games is offering the Blood Moon Thresh skin to people who sign up as new donors as part of the #MyFirstBlood scheme.

According to Riot’s announcement, Sanquin “is responsible for the blood supply in the Netherlands and is on a mission to combat the concerning decrease in blood donor numbers.” A worthy cause, and Sanquin promises that getting tested for suitability is really exactly the same getting first blood in a League match. “Applause from your team members: well played. A nice feeling at the beginning of the game. #MyFirstBlood is actually just like that,” their website promises (at least according to Google translate), almost making me forget that it involves needles and bodily fluids.

The skin itself is rather pretty, though I’m not sure Thresh would be a supporter of the virtuous act of blood donation from its description, which reads in part: “Thresh’s insatiable urge to torture and kill is fuelled by thousands of vengeful spirits drawn to his lantern. Entire villages are left slaughtered in his wake, their blood staining the land for decades.”

Anyway…if you live in the Netherlands, you can sign up any time from now until the end of December, though the bulk of the event is designed to coincide with the EU LCS Summer Finals that will take place on September the 8th. Full instructions can be found on Sanquin's website.

You can also buy Blood Moon Thresh with Riot Points as usual, so maybe don’t be too quick to congratulate everyone you see wearing it as a life-saving hero.

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