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This Korean horror show using Imagine Dragons is killing me


Over the hols I started watching Sweet Home, a new Korean horror series on Netflix about an apartment block's residents trapped inside while people mysteriously mutate into monsters. Seems pretty fun so far. Has some awful monsters, and definitely a character or two I like. AND THEN every time our heroes fight back, I fall about dying, just dying, positively dying, screaming with death, absolutely riddled with death, because the piece of music behind big action scenes is Warriors, the 2014 League Of Legends World Championship anthem by Imagine Dragons. DON'T TURN AWAY.

Here's the scene from the first episode (in a video comparing it to the original webcomic) when the doctors first diagnosed me with terminal death:

And that video cuts the song short. It really does go on. So much Warriors. I thought this might be a funny one-off but let me tell you: it is not. I'm far from finished but have already heard Warriors several times. It is the show's anthem for heroic moments. I scream at the telly every time my death begins.

I'm not the RPS Warriors correspondent (that was Pip) but I certainly am a fan. It is such an absurd song for a video game tournament, which is what makes it perfect. They are the warriors that built this town, you know. From dust, no less. While Riot's music department have collaborated on far better pop songs in the years since (virtual girl group K/DA being a highlight) I still insist Warriors was the best Worlds song. And now it's in Sweet Home, undercutting dramatic scenes and triumphs. As much as Imagine Dragons insist I do otherwise, I might turn anyway now.

If you want a Korean supernatural show on Netflix without Warriors, by the way, I am enjoying The Uncanny Counter. It's a martial arts dramedy about a schoolboy who gains magic powers and joins a group of heavenly demon-hunters who run a noodle restaurant. I do like a quirky found family, and this has a good one. Excellent wrestledad, punchmum, and kicksis.


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