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Sword Coast Legends Mod Support Due In December

A slate of free updates too

Alec, Graham, and John ventured into Sword Coast Legends [official site] with hearts full of adventure and hope, but trudged back out disappointed. They wanted grand co-op D&D adventures, they found unremarkable dungeon-crawling. Well, developers n-Space say they have a few words for folks who were disappointed: "We hear you." Wait, come back, they have more words too. They've detailed plans for a few future updates fixing complaints and bugs and adding new stuff too. That all kicked off with a Halloween-y update on Friday, and leads to mod support in December.

The Halloween update brought spooky bits and pieces for DMs to place, as you might expect, along with a few tweaks. Another update next week will bring 150-ish 'nature' objects and a new outdoor area for DMs to play with, along with opening companion-specific skill trees to players, respeccing, and an item stash. The end of November will bring Drow Elves, a village area and bits for DMs, and more options in the death and party wiping rules. As for the mod support coming some time in December, n-Space say it'll include a tile-based level editor, a dialogue editor, and "adjustable game systems" like the "round timer, loot tables, etc."

They're also planning to release for free Rage of Demons, a tie-in to a new tabletop storyline which was originally announced as paid DLC - and offered as a pre-order bonus. Expect demons and Drizzt Do'Urden.

It doesn't sound like all this will help folks who essentially wanted a different game - I tried to explain to them what Sword Coast Legends actually was, I did - but it sounds like it'll do a fair job of making the game bigger and better.

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