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Swords With Friends: Assassin's Creed 3 MP Trailer

I'm excited about the upcoming anim-awesomety(tm) of Assassin's Creed 3's multiplayer. I've had loads of fun with the previous games in the series, as they're essentially spy-vs-spy-spy-vs-spy-spy-vs-spy. The third game adds Domination, a conquest-style team mode, and Wolfpack, a co-op mode where you sprint across rooftops with up to three other friends to chase down AI targets. The tiniest slice of the new stuff is shown in an otherwise meta-story thick trailer, detailing the nonsense about the annoying time travel tech that everyone but Ubisoft hates. It's only 3 minutes, but if you're really averse to the Abstergo stuff you can skip to half-way through to see the new Domination and Wolfpack multiplayer modes in action. I've also uncovered some other footage, because I'm a hacker of the internets.

Team Domination here looks like a decent attempt to entice those who couldn't quite make the leap from single-player stab-master to the terrifying prospect of being run through by someone else. Lots of grouping and slashing could be the competitive Trojan Horse the series needs, although I expect most will want to team up against the game's AI.

Unless it's a game about guns with twelve billion scopes attached, Ubi's multiplayer always seems rather low yield. I wonder if it's because of their stupid insistence to tie most of their games into their own online service, rather than sticking with the more readily used alternatives? Assassin's Creed multiplayer has never really caught on, which is a shame as it's probably the aspect of the series with the most potential.

I expect this trailer to be part of a Gamescom push before the game's November 23rd release, so accept it as an appetizer and I'll let you know of any more details released this week.

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Extra bonus unofficial footage of Domination and Wolfpack modes.


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Watch on YouTube

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