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Look At You, Backer: System Shock Remake Kickstarted

Next month

Just when you thought there was one retro-remake that was simply gonna get itself made rather than sing for its supper first, System Shock Remastered [official site] has dropped an upside-down hat on the ground and is fixing passers-by with an anxious smile. NightDive Studio's remastering of SHODAN's first adventure is happening in parallel with OtherSide Entertainment's Warren Spector-assisted System Shock 3, but going on the impressive alpha footage earlier this year is likely to happen first. Presuming the newly-announced Kickstarter works out, anyway.

This is not to be confused with System Shock Enhanced, which added some more graphical options and much-needed full mouse controls to the original spaceship-bound horror FPS: instead it's a ground-up remake of one of the grandaddies of immersive sims. Here's the footage, in case you missed it:

NightDive, who are working with a bunch of people from the original Looking Glass team, promise that they will be "true to the classic experience", with a focus on graphical and UI modernity. However, seems they need a bit more cash to do so, having announced on Facebook over the weekend that there'll be a Kickstarter next month. Target announce, pledge rewards unknown, exact purpose unknown, but we do have a date, which is the 29th of June.

There's also a teaser vid on Facebook, but ol'Zucks doesn't let other websites embed videos hosted there, as he wants the whole wide web to live inside his blue border. The video's just a logo anyway, though.

Unless it asks for an astronomical sum, I'm pretty confident this one will work out. But will they offer SHODAN bobbleheads and plushies for higher-end backers? A perfect, immortal licensing opportunity.

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