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Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs will launch with new 500-series motherboard chipset

Intel have revealed more details about their upcoming 11th Gen Rocket Lake desktop CPUs, including the name of its new desktop architecture, "Cypress Cove". Intel claim this new architecture will bring "double-digit percentage IPC (instructions per clock) performance improvements" over their current 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs, leading to even faster gaming performance. We still don't know the exact specs of Intel's Rocket Lake CPUs,…

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Get up to $186 off Intel’s Core i7 and Core i9 CPUs at Newegg today

Newegg's Fantastech sale is in full swing, and there are plenty of great CPU deals to be had on both Intel's 9th and 10th Gen Core i7 and Core i9 processors today, with a maximum saving of $186 up for grabs. Naturally, the biggest discounts are on Intel's older Core i7-9700K and Core i9-9900K chips, but there are also some sizeable discounts to be had…

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Intel’s 11th Gen Rocket Lake CPUs will arrive by March 2021

Intel have unveiled the first details about their upcoming 11th Gen desktop Core CPUs today, confirming their rough release window and that they'll have PCIe 4.0 support from the off. Code-named "Rocket Lake", this new family of desktop processors will be arriving sometime between January and March next year, according to a new Intel blog post, succeeding their current line-up of 10th Gen Comet Lake…

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Intel’s 11th Gen Tiger Lake CPUs could change the face of gaming laptops as we know it

Intel have officially unveiled their 11th Gen Tiger Lake laptop CPUs with integrated Xe graphics, and they might just be about to change the future of gaming laptops. With up to double the gaming performance compared to Intel's previous generation of mobile CPUs, Tiger Lake laptops with Xe graphics were shown playing big blockbuster games such as Grid and Gears Tactics at 1080p at close…

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Save $800 on this Core i7, RTX 2060 Super desktop right now

Intel are holding their annual Gamer Days deals bonanza at the moment, and there are buckets of savings to be had on all manner of Intel-based desktops, laptops and processors. Running from now until September 6th, I'm still working my way through all the many hundreds of deals on offer, but this one from Newegg immediately caught my eye. It's an Intel Core i7-10700K and…

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Intel’s first Xe graphics card is still on track for release in 2020

Intel have confirmed that their first discrete Xe GPU is still on track to release before the end of 2020. Code-named DG1, the graphics card is currently in production and will begin shipping before the end of the year, just in time for an almighty showdown between the upcoming Nvidia Ampere cards and the next-generation of Big Navi GPUs.

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Feature: A chip off the old block

The best CPU for gaming in 2020: the top Intel and AMD processors

Upgrading your PC with a new gaming CPU can be one of the biggest and most costly parts of building a new PC, as buying one of today's best gaming CPUs often means buying a whole new motherboard at the same time. Still, while we mostly focus on buying a good graphics card to increase our PC's gaming performance, having one of our best gaming…

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Buy a Z390 motherboard and get £50 cashback or a free SSD

If your reaction to the release of Intel’s new set of 10th Gen Comet Lake CPUs is to celebrate the lower prices now available on 8th and 9th Gen Coffee Lake models, then this pair of Z390 motherboard deals from CCL might well be for you. One comes with a free SSD, while the other gets you some fairly generous cashback if you buy a…

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Feature: Now you're playing with power

Intel Core i5-10600K review: Core i7 performance on the cheap

When AMD launched their incredible Ryzen 3 3300X the other week, I called it the $120 Core i5 killer. At the time, I only had Intel's existing Core i5-9600K to compare it to, but finally we have its 10th Gen Comet Lake successor in the ring, the Core i5-10600K.Like the 9600K, this 10th Gen chip still has six cores to its name, but Intel have…

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Feature: So hot right now

Intel Core i9-10900K review: the best gaming CPU just got even better

When Intel declared their 9th Gen Core i9-9900K was the world's fastest gaming CPU at the end of 2018, it came at an astronomical cost. £600 / $580 was the asking price for the best gaming CPU money could buy at the time, which today could get you an entire RTX 2080 Super GPU. Thankfully, Intel have reined in the pricing for their brand-new crop…

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Get an Intel Core i5-9600K for $190 at Newegg

If you're looking to bag yourself a CPU bargain before the arrival of Intel's 10th Gen Comet Lake chips, then the Intel Core i5-9600K is currently on sale for the next three days over at Newegg. Indeed, it’s still our favourite mid-range Intel CPU in our best gaming CPU rankings, and unless Intel's Comet Lake successor arrives on Katharine's doorstep with some kind of mystery…

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Everything you need to know about Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake desktop CPU line-up

Hot off the heels of revealing their next generation of Comet Lake laptop CPUs, Intel have finally lifted the lid on their 10th Gen Comet Lake line-up of desktop CPUs, and man alive there are a lot of them. Leading the pack is Intel's Core i9-10900K, which has a whopping 10 cores and a maximum clock speed of 5.3GHz, making it the world's new fastest…

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Intel’s 10th Gen Comet Lake H-series laptop CPUs are absolute speed demons

Intel have lifted the lid on their H-series of 10th Gen Comet Lake laptop CPUs today, and gee whiz they're nippy. With top clock speeds reaching all the way up to 5.3GHz in some cases, Intel are quite rightly calling these "the world's fastest mobile processors". It's not just the really high-end CPUs that have super high frequency speeds, either. Of the six new CPUs…

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Actually, this is our first proper glimpse at Intel’s Xe GPU, but details are still thin on the ground

Earlier this week, we got our first glimpse of Intel's Xe GPU in action when they showed a live demo of it running Destiny 2 on one of their new Tiger Lake laptops during their CES press conference. At the time, the GPU code-named DG1 was buried deep inside the laptop, but now Intel have released some official images of the desktop version of their…

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This is our first glimpse of Intel’s Xe GPU

2020 is the year Intel finally make their return to the discrete graphics card arena, and last night they gave us our first look at their upcoming Xe GPU during their CES 2020 press conference. Admittedly, Intel only showed one of their mobile Xe GPUs in action rather than a full desktop version, but when that demo involved running Destiny 2 on one of their…

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Price cut incoming for Intel’s graphics-less Core KF CPUs

I've always been a bit baffled by Intel's Core F and KF processors. Not in theory, you understand. Making CPUs without integrated graphics makes a lot of sense for gaming PCs, especially when you're almost certainly going to be pairing it with a proper discrete graphics card anyway. Instead, it's the price of them that's been the most perplexing thing about them, as until now…

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Intel’s latest Core X-series CPUs are cheaper than ever before, but still cost a small fortune

Let's pretend for a moment that you're the sort of person who has a grand to spend on your CPU. Your craving for cores knows no bounds, and you gobble up threads like bowls of digital spaghetti. You're the kind of person who takes one look at my best gaming CPU list and laughs because chips like Intel's Core i7-9700K just don't have the raw…

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