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Intel's excellent A770 8GB graphics card is down to $240 at Newegg

As Intel improve Arc's DX9 and DX11 performance, it becomes an even better value.

asrock intel arc a770 graphics card
Image credit: Asrock/Digital Foundry

We've covered Arc A770 deals a few times as of late, as Intel's aggressive pricing makes these 1080p/1440p graphics cards often a better value than alternatives from AMD and Nvidia. So too is it today, where you can pick up an Asrock Arc A770 8GB card for just $240 when you use code SSCV2886 at Newegg. That's a $50 reduction from its normal price and a great value for the level of performance on offer.

The Arc A770 8GB at this price is only $40 more expensive than the best price we've seen for its cut-down brother, the A750, and only $20 above the going rate for that card.

For context, the A770 offers similar performance to the Nvidia RTX 3060 and AMD RX 6600 XT, with my A770 review for Digital Foundry revealing strong performance at 1080p and decent performance at 1440p too. We've seen significant performance improvements, particularly in DirectX 9 and DirectX 11 games, since those tests were run, which should swing the calculus even further in Intel's advantage.

resizeable bar shown in gpu-z
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Note that Resizeable BAR is essentially a requirement to get good performance from any Intel GPU, including the A770, as the card is architected to rely on it heavily. That means very old builds with motherboards that don't support the standard will see significant performance, reductions so it's worth checking your motherboard is compatible before ordering - and potentially installing the latest BIOS version if necessary too. If you're not sure if ReBAR is enabled, the free GPU-Z tool (shown here) provides a helpful checklist that shows which ReBAR requirements are currently satisfied and whether ReBAR is actually engaged.

I think that just about does it for now, so stay tuned for more deals as we find them!

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