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Grab Intel's Core i7 12700K CPU for $347 - with a free Z690 motherboard and 16GB DDR4 RAM

Newegg's bundle deal combines combo savings of $170 with a further $70 discount.

intel core i7 12700k shown with an msi z690-a pro wifi ddr4 motherboard and kingston fury ddr4-3200 ram sticks
Image credit: Newegg

Building a new PC? Newegg have specced out a great high-end combo that bundles a Core i7 12700K processor, MSI Pro Z690-A WiFi DDR4 motherboard and DDR4-3200 RAM for $347 with code BTS343A, a $230 savings over buying the same items individually.

That's a surprisingly awesome deal and would make the perfect beginnings of a high-end rig, with just a GPU, CPU cooler, SSD, PSU and case needed for a complete build - many of which you may want to bring over from your existing PC.

It's important to note that while this bundle is on last-gen goods, Intel saw relatively modest performance improvements on their 13th-gen parts and the Z690 platform has the same features as the Z790 boards that appeared a year later - you still get PCIe 5.0, for instance, and a choice of DDR5 or DDR4 RAM, with the latter being chosen in this case. DDR4 also remains the better value option even if DDR5 prices have come down recently, making this a pretty canny build all things considered.

The 12700K hasn't seen an RPS review, but I did perform some performance testing on it last year, where I found that it offered nearly identical performance (96%!!) to the higher-end Core i9 12900K - all while producing significantly less heat and drawing less power.

Beyond specific performance figures for the 12700K, it's probably worth mentioning that I'm using that very same Core i7 12700K as the heart of my own work PC (admittedly with an MSI MEG Z690 Unify-X motherboard and DDR5-6000 RAM), and this combo has worked well in recent releases like Counter-Strike 2, Baldur's Gate 3, F1 23 and Elden Ring - even with an RTX 4090 giving me the greatest possible opportunity to be CPU-limited, I don't think I've played a AAA game that has seen CPU limitations at 1440p or 4K.

So - if you'd like to build a similar rig, then this Newegg 12700K bundle deal may be just the ticket.

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