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Tales Of Symphonia Will Sing Onto PCs Next Year

Vintage JRPGing

I suspect that Bandai Namco have realized, most likely thanks to a recent avalanche of happy news posts, that the world really, really likes its Tales series. Not too long ago, we squeed over Tales of Zestiria hitting western shores. Now, we have something else to be very exuberant over: the news that Tales of Symphonia [Steam page] will be coming to the PC.

The game was first released back in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube, and then ported to the PlayStation 2 a little bit later. Since then, it has spawned a barrage of tie-in media, including novels, anime, and drama CDs. It's rather obvious as to why too, if you think about it. The game is adorable. It has walruses to beat up. It has snow bunny charms. Butterfly people. And... unicorns? Endearing as only a game rife with bobble-headed people can be, the action-RPG succeeded in gaining the affection of thousands, despite a mildly pedestrian plot that sees the protagonists trying to rescue a world from an unspeakable threat.

No concrete release date has been chiselled out just yet, sadly. The best we can tell you right now is that Tales of Symphonia is tentatively scheduled for a 2016 debut. Maybe. We hope. Keep all your appendages crossed.

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