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Talking murders, mystery and amateur voice acting with the creator of Ace Attorney


Trawling through some old emails I recently discovered a couple of interviews I’d done with Ace Attorney creator, Shu Takumi. I asked the questions back when I worked for Official Nintendo Magazine and used them in some features long since lost to the internet dustbin. But re-reading them reminded me how bizarre it is that a lawyer-em-up not only came to be, but somehow lasted to this day. So I thought I’d share some of his more interesting answers.

The questions focus on the original trilogy - Takumi had involvement in AA4 (Apollo Justice), but was not directly involved in the series after that. (Although he returned to write Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright and has made two historical Ace Attorney prequels that have yet to surface in the West.) He’s one of my favourite game writers - if you read my introduction to Japanese crime fiction you’ll find lots of influences in his work - and has many fun tales about wrangling his ever-expanding legal universe.

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