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Tank Russian: New World In Conflict Gubbins

We've only mentioned the forthcoming World In Conflict: Soviet Assault in passing, but as I noticed a new trailer appearing, I went back and discovered further recent details. Soviet Assault's advances primarily come for the forthcoming console release, but they're funneling these changes back into the PC version. The new multiplayer elements will cost you exactly no money, available to anyone who bought the original and includes elements like the voice-activation for a-nuking. The new soviet campaign will be available as an purchasable download, apparently at a price beneath an expansion pack. So, disappointing to comment-threaders, not an expandalone. Because they do like the opportunity of saying "Expandalone". Hell, don't we all?

The new fancy rendered trailer with macho Russian music and some impressive spangly grabs are beneath the cut.

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Is that Jesus? I can see Jesus. I'm coming back to Jesus.
A nice bit of war never hurt anyone.
Club Tropicana, drinks are free. Sadly, so is shrapnel.
Camping bastard.

Meanwhile, in other Russian-centric RTS news... fucking hell! Stalin vs. Martians!

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