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Teamfight Tactics Mobile - Tips and Tricks

Here are a few handy tips.

Teamfight Tactics has arrived on mobile devices and it’s largely the same game as it’s PC counterpart. You’ll place champions on a board, this time using your fingertips instead of a mouse, and they’ll do battle over a number of rounds. Outlast the competition and you’ll emerge as the winner.

It’s quite tempting to splash your cash, position units wherever, and slap items all over the place, but this is really going to hamper your chances of victory. Often, it's the player who has prioritised their economy, positioned their units well, and plopped complimentary items onto specific champions who’ll beat the competition.

Below we’ll go through a few beginner tips and tricks to up your Teamfight Tactics Mobile game, so hopefully you’ll click away from this guide with some newfound knowledge.

Teamfight Tactics Mobile - Tips and tricks for beginners

Here’s our handy guide to help out new Teamfight Tactics Mobile players:

Pay attention to Classes and Origins

Every unit belongs to a specific Class and Origin. Fulfil their requirements and they’ll confer special bonuses. Often it’s a case of planting 2 or more of the same class or origin and they’ll gain unique stat bonuses and effects.

Also take a moment to consider how certain classes or origin bonuses may compliment each other. If you’ve got multiple health regeneration and armour bonuses, but zero damage, you’ll struggle to dent enemy teams. Try and find a decent balance of survivability and stopping power.

Position your units well

Try and avoid throwing your units on the board without thinking about where they’re actually positioned. In general, it’s best to stick tanks on the frontline to soak up the brunt of the damage, which’ll leave your vulnerable damage dealers room to do their job.

Be smart with your units positioning, and consider mixing it up here and there to keep your enemy guessing. Your team composition can be exceptionally strong, but weak positioning can really hamstring your strength. Think about who might need protection, who can flank, and who can take punishment.

Manage your economy

Gold is a key resource in Teamfight Tactics Mobile and it’s used to perform a whole host of different actions in-game.

It’s easy to go ahead and re-roll the shop constantly, or level up as soon as possible, but we’d recommend being a bit more frugal with your bank. Even if you’re losing, you’ll earn bonus ‘loss streak’ gold, which can be saved up for some expensive units or levelling up. And for those winning, you’ll earn plenty of bonus gold so make sure you save plenty of it!

The more gold you save, the more interest you’ll earn per round as well. It’s important to keep a stockpile of gold for leveling your character in the latter stages of a match, and it will come in handy for rerolling the shop to optimise your team composition.

Be flexible with your team composition

Avoid over committing to a specific origin and class bonus. It’s often the case that you’ll gun for a certain bonus, but RNG may not be on your side, or another player is doing the same and restricting your champion pool. Always be ready to switch things up if your team isn’t performing well. Sell and buy new champions, reposition your team around the board, or rework your synergies.

Equip the right items

When you’re equipping items, think carefully about how it’ll benefit a specific unit and its abilities. Items which increase mana regeneration will suit a spellcaster, while those that increase critical strike chance will likely suit an assassin.

It’s also worth noting that you shouldn’t be afraid to equip items on units from the get go. While it’s good to stockpile them to assess your options, don’t leave them there for too long as you’ll be wasting their stat boosts.

That's it for this guide, but make sure you head on over to our Teamfight Tactics: How to play page for in-depth overview for beginners, as well as our Teamfight Tactics: How to win page for some more advanced tips. Despite them being PC oriented, all of it still applies!

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