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TFT best comps: how to make unbeatable teams

All the best teams.

A new season means that it's all change in Teamfight Tactics. There are new synergies to explore, new champions to buy in the shop or pick from the carousel, and items to distribute to your champions to make destroying your opponent's team a possibility.

TFT comps guide

This TFT comps guide for the third season, known as Galaxies, will have a list of the best TFT comps in the current meta for the game, as of the latest patch.

To have the most success in TFT, you'll need teams that have a great amount of synergy, the optimal items equipped, and decent skills that support the rest of your champions. It seems that certainly, for the time being, there are certain combinations of Origins and Classes that work very well together.

If you want to know more about the champions and items that you should equip to them, there are two guides you need to look at. The TFT items cheat sheet guide has all the recipes and a cheat sheet for combining basic items together, while the TFT champions tier list guide has all of the champion's stats.

In terms of the meta, Mystics seem to be cropping up in lots of team comps, while Dark Star champions appear either in their own list or as part of other, better comps. The list of comps below is in order of how good they are in the meta at the time of writing. Their usefulness does depend on the galaxy you are in, all listed in our TFT galaxies guide.


Protector/Mystic comp

This is currently the most consistent comp in Teamfight Tactics. The aim here is to get full Protector and Mystic synergies, granting Protectors big shields and everyone in the team some extra health. There's also some healing with the Celestial synergy.

ChampionBest items
LuluSpear of Shojin Seraph's Embrace Zephyr
SorakaSpear of Shojin Zephyr Seraph's Embrace
KarmaSeraph's Embrace Zephyr Tears of the Goddess
NeekoGuardian Angel Morellonomicon Ionic Spark
Xin ShaoTitan's Resolve Bramble Vest Dragon's Tooth
SonaSeraph's Embrace Chalice of Favor Tears of the Goddess
RakanMorellonomicon Spear of Shojin Ionic Spark
Jarvin IVZephyr Warmog's Armor Bramble Vest

Rebel comp

Though the aim is to get the full amount of Rebels on your side of the battlefield, this comp actually has a lot more going for it. There is a bit of Mystic splashed in for some minor magic resistance, and Gangplank is there because he's just very good with the rest of the comp.

ChampionBest items
GangplankGuardian Angel Morellonomicon Jewelled Gauntlet
LuluSpear of Shojin Seraph's Embrace Zephyr
Aurelion SolMorellonomicon Seraph's Embrace Jewelled Gauntlet
JinxGiant Slayer Red Buff Guinsoo's Rageblade
Master YiGuinsoo's Rageblade Bloodthirster Rapid Firecannon
SonaSeraph's Embrace Chalice of Favor Tears of the Goddess
YasuoGuardian Angel Hand of Justice Bloodthirster
ZiggsSeraph's Embrace Luden's Echo Morellonomicon

Infiltrator/Mech-Pilot comp

Having full Infiltrator synergy gives your infiltrator champions a big advantage at the beginning of combat. Mech-Pilots when combined into the mighty mech can give you a big tank to soak up some damage in the beginning. The Dark Star and Sorcerer synergies help boost damage.

ChampionBest items
EkkoMorellonomicon Rabadon's Cap Jewelled Gauntlet
FizzGuardian Angel Ionic Spark Warmog's Armor
ShacoInfinity Edge Bloodthirster Guardian Angel
KarmaZephyr Tear of the Goddess Seraph's Embrace
RumbleGuardian Angel Warmog's Armor Titan's Resolve
LuxMorellonomicon Luden's Echo Seraph's Embrace
AnnieGuardian Angel Ionic Spark Warmog's Armor
Kai'SaSeraph's Embrace Morellonomicon Guinsoo's Rageblade

Dark Star comp

Though not as good as the three above it, this solid comp gives a huge damage buff to all Dark Star champions when one of the other Dark Star champions dies. It also stacks. Combine this with Snipers positioned well outside of combat, as well as Mystic for magic resistance and Celestial for healing.

ChampionBest items
LuluSpear of Shojin Seraph's Embrace Zephyr
JhinInfinity Edge Guinsoo's Rageblade Bloodthirster
AsheGuinsoo's Rageblade Spear of Shojin Statikk Shock
ShacoInfinity Edge Bloodthirster Guardian Angel
KarmaZephyr Tears of the Goddess Seraph's Embrace
LuxMorellonomicon Luden's Echo Seraph's Embrace
MordekaiserMorellonomicon Warmog's Armor Bramble Vest
Jarvan IVZephyr Warmog's Armor Bramble Vest

Cybernetic/Blademaster comp

This is definitely geared towards the Cybernetic side of things and you'll want your champions to be holding onto at least one item to take advantage of the damage boost the Origin gives. Having Kayle and Miss Fortune gives you the Valkyrie Origin buff which makes them potentially devastating champions to improve. Blademasters help with increasing damage output, but you don't need the full set bonus.

ChampionBest items
EkkoMorellonomicon Rabadon's Deathcap
Miss FortuneSeraph's Embrace Morellonomicon Spear of Shojin
KayleGuinsoo's Rageblade Rapid Firecannon Hand of Justice
IreliaInfinity Edge Bloodthirster Guardian Angel
ViZephyr Ionic Spark Giant's Belt
LucianRed Buff Giant Slayer Hand of Justice
LeonaZephyr Giant's Belt Bramble Vest
FioraRecurve Bow Zephyr Negaton Cloak

Mystic/Vanguard comp

This one is quite similar to the Protector/Mystic comp, except it's a whole lot more defensive. Line up your Vanguards to protect your Mystics who will be throwing out lots of spells.

ChampionBest items
LuluSpear of Shojin Seraph's Embrace Zephyr
SorakaSpear of Shojin Zephyr Seraph's Embrace
WukongMorellonomicon Guardian Angel Zephyr
KarmaZephyr Tears of the Goddess Seraph's Embrace
JayceGuardian Angel Ionic Spark Hextech Gunblade
SonaSeraph's Embrace Chalice of Favor Tears of the Goddess
MordekaiserMorellonomicon Warmog's Armor Bramble Vest
PoppyBramble Vest Zephyr Warmog's Armor

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