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TFT galaxies: how Teamfight Tactics' third set changes the game

What are TFT galaxies?

The next TFT season is nearly upon us and everything's going a little science fiction. This isn't completely new to the League of Legends universe, as it's well established that many champions have ventured into the depths of space under the "PROJECT" and "Star Guardian" banners. With a new season coming to Teamfight Tactics comes a new gimmick in the form of galaxies. But what are galaxies, how do they affect your TFT games, and what are their effects?

TFT galaxies guide

In this TFT galaxies guide, we will explain what galaxies are and what galaxies have been confirmed for the third themed season of Teamfight Tactics when it arrives in mid-March. There are also a bunch of champions that have been confirmed who appear in our TFT Set 3 champions guide.

TFT galaxies

What are TFT galaxies?

In the third TFT season, we're being introduced to "galaxies". These are replacing the element hexes from the previous set for the duration of the season. Galaxies are twists upon the normal Teamfight Tactics ruleset. When you begin a game of Teamfight Tactics in the third season, you will be told at the beginning of the match which galaxy's effect is in play for that match. The galaxy rule can't be changed mid-game and affects all players.

These rules introduce unpredictability into every single match, as you'll need to adapt your strategy based not only on what your opponents are doing, but also based on the galaxy's rule that is currently in effect.

TFT galaxies

Which TFT galaxies have been confirmed?

All of the galaxies are now confirmed. There are five so far. These are:

  • Neekoverse: Everyone starts with two "Neeko's Help" items at the beginning of the game. (Save these for upgrading a four or five cost champion to level 2 instantly)
  • Lilac Nebula: Every champion in the first carousel of the game will have a value of four gold. (Try to nab tanks or utility champions over DPS. Tanks and utility have more use early game)
  • Trade Sector: The first reroll each round is free. (Try to take advantage by pushing for levels with all the cash you save)
  • Superdense Galaxy: A free Force of Nature at level five. (This makes completing comps possible at level seven)
  • Not So Little Legends: More max HP at the start of the game. (This makes aggressive saving of gold a lot more viable)

Riot have also mentioned that during the course of TFT Galaxies, there may be as many as 10 galaxies. Some of them may be removed during the course of the season, so keep an eye on this guide nearer the time as we will be updating the list of available galaxies.

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