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Teen dino visual novel Goodbye Volcano High dated for June

They could use a better hair stylist, though

It looks like we’ll finally be able to play as sad dino teens this summer, since Goodbye Volcano High just announced its release date of June 15th. The coming-of-age high school drama was originally set for a 2021 release, but a narrative reboot let it slip into 2022, which then turned into 2023 - which is now.

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Goodbye Volcano High follows a group of teen dinos - and aspiring musicians - as they say goodbye to their high school, Volcano High, hence the name. Oh, and the world is also exploding according to the trailer’s YouTube description, even though that apocalyptic detail is absent in the actual trailer. I think a world-destroying meteor would be a more appropriate catastrophe, but we’ll see how things shake up.

Melodramatic dramas and high school visual novels are extremely my vibe, but something about Volcano High has me on the fence. Maybe it's the whole 'animals donning hairdos' that's putting me off, which somehow seems more distracting with cold-blooded dinosaurs. Or maybe it's because all the characters seem to be very angry at each other in this latest trailer. Or the world? I’ll likely play it regardless because it’s a sad, musical teen game and if I don’t like where it’s going: hey, there are branching decisions, I’ll just go back and pick a different option.

Goodbye Volcano High will launch on PlayStation and PC via Steam on June 15th. Developer KO_OP is also releasing a third track from the game called Reunion, to coincide with the new trailer.

Goodbye Volcano High showed up as part of last night’s State of Play, which had a surprising amount of PC-relevant news, including news looks at Baldur’s Gate 3, Suicide Squad, and a release date for spirit animal adventure Tchia.

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