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The baddies in Ghostwire Tokyo's new trailer look like Buffy's The Gentlemen

Doppelganger runners up include Dr. Who's Silence and, of course, Slenderman

It must be a typical human fear to not like things with deathly pale faces, shadowy eyes, and suits. I know I'm certainly not a fan, but this specific type of villain has a habit of showing up in spooky games, films and TV series. Last night, paranormal action-RPG Ghostwire: Tokyo got a new trailer as part of the PlayStation showcase stream, and it's chock-full of these baddies that look an awful lot like the Gentlemen from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Cover image for YouTube videoGhostwire: Tokyo - Official Hannya Trailer

The obvious comparison is to say they look like Slenderman, right? And they do a bit, but the key with old Slendy is that he doesn't have any sort of face, whereas Ghostwire's creepy bastards kinda do (even though they're named the Faceless). I can't decide if that's better or worse, to be honest.

I hope they're not like the Gentlemen, who were literal demons invulnerable to physical damage and went from place to place nicking people's voices. They also look a bit like The Silence from Dr. Who, who would make people forget things. I would like to forget about them, actually.

Something that makes the Faceless considerably less scary, however, is when you realise most of what they do in that trailer is try to whack you with umbrellas. Like, I'm sorry, you're coming at me? A bloke with magic powers I can use to launch you backwards? Put that brolly away, you absolute numpty.

All that aside, Ghostwire: Tokyo is looking very good and very spooky. Developers Tango Gameworks plan on releasing it early next year. A shame really, it would've made a nice Halloween game.

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