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The Banner Saga devs announce a side-scrolling brawler that's not as depressing as The Banner Saga

Slay monsters in light-hearted co-op adventure Towerborne

A group of warriors faces off against a group of goblin creatures in Towerborne
Image credit: Stoic

Looks like I won't be regretting every in-game decision I've ever made with Stoic's new game Towerborne. It's an action RPG that looks much more light-hearted than the studio's previous Viking-ish trilogy The Banner Saga, where I killed every character I loved and made a host of bad choices. Announced during the Xbox Game Showcase at this year's not-E3, Towerborne looks much more family-friendly. Which is lucky because you'll be wanting to grab family members, as it's also a co-op adventure. Check out the trailer below.

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From the trailer, Towerborne looks to be inspired by classic beat 'em ups set in a colorful fantasy world. Heroes in this world are called Aces, and interestingly, when an Ace dies, they're able to come back from the dead - but the twist is that their death becomes part of their story. It's not clear exactly what that means yet, but it sounds very Wildermyth-y if you ask me.

This all takes place in an area called The Wilds, home to a bunch of beasties and areas to explore. In a team of three, you'll be able to mix and match your combat to a playstyle suited to you, and with the ability to further customise your character it's unlikely that in couch co-op (or online matchmaking) you'll be fighting next to someone with the exact same build - so that's cool.

Towerborne will release on Steam, Game Pass, and Xbox Series S/X consoles. No word of a release date yet but it'll be out sometime in 2024.

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