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The classic PC games music quiz

Name that game... from that tune

At this stage, you've watched everything worthwhile on Netflix and played through a decent chunk of your Steam backlog, so why not try something different on this May bank holiday. Yeah? You up for that? Great. Now, go grab a biro and a piece of paper and see how well you fare in our classic PC games music quiz.

Myself and Matthew have been throwing around ideas for the Rock Paper Shotgun YouTube channel as we enter this new era of Vidbudness - keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks and months - and one of those ideas was to do a quiz for our wonderful viewers. Everyone likes showing off how clever they are, though, so we thought it only right to share the quiz with those of you that normally favour text over moving pictures.

In the video below you'll hear a very talented flute-playing dog perform snippets from 20 songs that appear in some of the very best PC games of all time. The thing is, he doesn't speak very good English, so you'll have to guess the games from the music. You'll get the answers at the end, so make sure you're scribbling away as you go along. And no copying! We won't get angry, but you better believe we'll be disappointed.

Let us know how well you did in the comments. And if you'd like to see Dog play a few more tunes in the future, shout. He's quite keen to show the world just how talented he is.
Happy quizzing!

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