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The Crew: Wild Summit Expansion Adding Monster Trucks

Vroom vroom

High-octane vehicular chases always seem so dangerous to me. Which is why I’m rather grateful for games like The Crew, which allows you to engage in your most absurd speed fantasies without risking being turned into a pancake. And with the The Crew's [official site] newly-announced expansion Wild Run [look, we're catching up on a few E3 things -ed.], you'll be able to diversify this experience even further.

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Good trailer? Good trailer. Wild Run looks set to provide a significant amount of content. First and foremost, the expansion will add motorcycles and dragsters to the mix, allowing you to blaze through the world like the cool people on television. More importantly, it introduces monster trucks. Big, studly monster trucks. The kind that do flips and wheelstands and whatnot. Additionally, Wild Run will bring a graphical overhaul, promising even better looking rides. And if that doesn't excite you at all, there’s also the fact that Wild Run will bring something called The Summit, and actually, I'd let the description speak for itself.

"The Summit, an unofficial gathering of thousands of drivers and mechanics from around the world, takes place in iconic locations all around the USA. It's a gathering where car culture is celebrated across a multi-dimensional competition with the widest variety of vehicles, from heavily tuned cars to agile bikes or more exotic concepts. Ride your motorcycle on your way to The Summit, impress the crowd of the monster truck arena in the Yosemite Valley, smell burned rubber behind the wheel of your drift car, or break speed records with your dragster on Bonneville Salt Flats. The promising thrills of new challenges await you and your crew. The gathering has begun. The Summit is here."

We cool? We cool. Wild Run is due November 17th.

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