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The Cycle: Frontier greets the launch of season one with a smile and a bullet today

Putting more loot into your shoot

Today sees the arrival of season one of free-to-play sci-fi looter shooter The Cycle: Frontier with the 1.2.0 patch. The game soft-launched with a pre-season on June 8th, so its transition into the first season seems to consist largely of the launch of its Fortuna battle pass. Here’s a trailer detailing what the pass entails, below.

Liam and Ollie had a chat about The Cycle: Frontier. It's fair to say they like it.Watch on YouTube

The Cycle: Frontier is an extraction shooter, which means running about a lot across the alien world of Fortuna III in search of loot while fragging extraterrestrials and other players alike. Strictly for profit, you must understand. All progress made during the game’s pre-season is carrying over to season one, so just keep shooting and looting and you’ll be reet. You can read the full patch notes here.

The Fortuna season pass will set you back about $10 for the premium version, which offers XP boosters and skins, including ones that make you look a bit like RoboCop apparently. There’s a free tier that includes weapon supply crates, resources and currency as well. Developers Yager explain how monetisation in the game works here. There are soft and premium currencies, along with Salvage Tokens gleaned through the season pass that function as insurance for any gear you might have dropped when you’re blasted to smithereens.

James tried benchmarking The Cycle: Frontier the other day and narrowly survived the experience. “It quickly became apparent that I’d just have to run around this wide-open multiplayer battle arena and hope… no-one notices?” he said. “What these kinds of multiplayer games need, I think, is a big blue “PRESS” jacket skin that peaceful hacks like me can wear while on fact-finding missions inside hostile deathmatches.” Excellent idea, James.

Ed wasn’t persuaded that PvP should’ve been part of the PvPvE game when he took The Cycle: Frontier for a spin back in March. “Coming home empty-handed is deflating, especially if you've spent loads of time and energy pruning the planet,” he said. “It has similar energy to doing the gardening and being invaded by a red phantom like you would in Dark Souls.”

The Cycle: Frontier is free to play on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Check out Ollie’s updated beginner’s guide to The Cycle: Frontier for top notch advice on how to succeed in PvP, PvE and gathering equipment.

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