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The Cycle: Frontier season 2 goes spelunking on a new map this September

Explore the dangerous caves of Tharis Island

Concept art for The Cycle: Frontier depicting a Prospector fighting a Marauder and a group of Striders.
Image credit: Yager

Free-to-play extraction shooter The Cycle: Frontier is heading underground for its upcoming The Depths Of Tharis Island expansion, arriving in the game with the start of season two on September 28th. The new map brings a network of enemy-filled caves stuffed with loot to find. Pop on your helmet and grab your pickaxe to watch the trailer below.

Sci-fi looter-shooter The Cycle: Frontier delves into monstrous caverns in its second season on September 28th.Watch on YouTube

Tharis Island is riddled with caves, which are equally riddled with monsters. Devs Yager say that it’s worth sucking it up and heading inside though, because the caves contain “the most lucrative prospecting” on The Cycle: Frontier’s world of Fortuna III. Oh, and there’s something secretive and hidden down there too – an alien artefact that’ll “change prospecting forever”. Also in the update are new loot, refreshed cosmetics, an updated battle pass, and a mysterious addition to the endgame for player customisation.

Ahead of the launch of Tharis Island, an event called The Cataclysm will close out the last two weeks of season one. After this event finishes, then The Cycle: Frontier will undergo a progression wipe, although any of the Aurum in-game currency and cosmetics owned by players will persist. Yager are promising more info in the lead up to the start of season two.

Ollie named The Cycle: Frontier as one of his favourite PC games of 2022 so far. “These maps are absolutely gorgeous – overgrown with vibrant flora, and with enough elevation to make the areas look like real natural places rather than arenas,” he said. “And then you add the dense, moody fogs and the absolutely gorgeous rain which solidifies into torrential thunderstorms that force you to cower inside buildings until they pass. I’ve never known a game to be so tense and so beautiful at the same time.”

The Cycle Frontier season two kicks off on September 28th on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Check out our beginner’s guide to The Cycle: Frontier for some top tips if you’re new to the game.

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