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The Cycle: Frontier Smart Mesh locations: The best place to find Smart Mesh in The Cycle: Frontier

Here's where to go to find Smart Mesh

Looking for Smart Mesh in The Cycle: Frontier? The Cycle: Frontier has you drop down repeatedly onto the deadly world of Fortuna III, scavenge useful loot, and then extract. At first the materials you're after are fairly easy to come by. But then you're asked to find Smart Mesh, and Smart Mesh is quite a bit harder to find than anything you may have seen thus far.

Fear not. Below, we'll walk you through the very best places to go to find lots of Smart Mesh in a short space of time. Seeing as it's such a useful material, we've also listed all the possible items and pieces of gear you can craft using Smart Mesh.

Where to find Smart Mesh in The Cycle: Frontier

Smart Mesh is an important gateway material into the mid-game of The Cycle: Frontier. It can be found in Bright Sands in Base Camp and the northwest section of the map, but the drop rates for Smart Mesh are so rare that you really should search for them on Crescent Falls instead.

Here are the very best places to find Smart Mesh:

  1. Outside Lakeside Building (Crescent Falls)
  2. Greens Prospect (Crescent Falls)
  3. Starport Warehouse / Starport Admin (Crescent Falls)
  4. Southwest of Nutrion Farms Processing (Crescent Falls)

Here are all these locations marked on the map:

A map of Crescent Falls in The Cycle: Frontier, with the best locations to find Smart Mesh marked.
The best Smart Mesh farming locations on Crescent Falls.

For those unfamiliar with Crescent Falls, the Starport area is probably the area of the map which sees most player traffic, so going there is always dangerous. Searching on the southwest edge of Lakeside Building is a much safer and more lucrative alternative, and is my recommendation for where you should try first if you need to find Smart Mesh in bulk.

What is Smart Mesh used for in The Cycle: Frontier?

Smart Mesh is a very important material in The Cycle: Frontier. Not only will you need it to complete certain faction quests, but it's also used to craft Print Resin, a very useful component which goes into creating scopes for your weapons when combined with Optic Glass.

And that's not all. Here's everything you can make at the Gear Printer using Smart Mesh:

  • Heavy Duty Backpack (12,000 K-Marks, 1 Smart Mesh, 1 Titan Ore, 1 Dustbloom)
  • Epic Shield (46,000 K-Marks, 3 Smart Mesh, 1 Titan Ore, 3 Hardened Bone Plates)
  • Small Suppressor (4,900 K-Marks, 3 Aluminum Scrap, 5 Pistons, 1 Smart Mesh)
  • Medium Suppressor (4,900 K-Marks, 3 Aluminum Scrap, 5 Pistons, 1 Smart Mesh)
  • Print Resin (3 Pale Ivy Blossom, 1 Smart Mesh)

Suppressors are very useful attachments to use in the mid-game of Cycle: Frontier. As you'll know if you read my Cycle: Frontier beginner's guide, silence is golden in this game. But it's also useful to hoard Smart Mesh so you can create the highest tier of backpack, as well as purple shields, to give yourself the highest chance of survival.

If you find yourself needing to stash Smart Mesh anywhere for a faction quest, be sure to check out our list of all Cycle: Frontier dead drop locations. You can also check out some of our other item location guides for useful materials such as Titan Ore and Pale Ivy Blossom, or give yourself the perfect gun to defend your hard-earned Smart Mesh with our guide to the best weapons in The Cycle: Frontier.

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